Nicholas Darcy

Gunnery Sergeant


Gunnery Sergeant Darcy was born in Los Angeles, CA. After completing high school in 2000 at Valencia High School, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.






  • Completed recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego (May of 2001).
  • Completed School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton as an Infantry Rifleman (0311).
  • Completed Security Forces Guard School as a Basic Security Force Guard attaining the secondary MOS 8152 (October 2001).
  • Assigned to Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, 2nd Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company (2nd F.A.S.T.) (October 2001 to February 2005).
  • Deployed with 2nd Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Company to the Mediterranean in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (February 2002).
  • Deployed with 2nd F.A.S.T. Company to Bahrain and forward Deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, as a squad leader in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (April 2003).
  • Deployed with 2nd F.A.S.T. Company and the 31st MEU, to Yokosuka, Japan, as a squad leader (January 2004).
  • Deployed with 2nd F.A.S.T. Company, to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as the Sergeant of the Guard and Watch Chief (October 2004).
  • Reported to 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Alpha Company, in Camp Pendleton, CA, where he was promoted to Staff Sergeant (August 2007). Served as the Senior Scout Team Leader and Battalion CQB/Urban Combat Instructor.
  • Marine Corps Sergeants Course in Quantico, VA (July 2008).
  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Course in Kansas City, KS, attaining the MOS 0916 (September 2009).
  • Reported to 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines, Weapons Company in Port Hueneme, CA, where he was promoted to his current rank of Gunnery Sergeant (June 2010). Served as the Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander for CAAT Platoon.
  • Deployed to Bahrain with MARCENT FWD in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as the HQCO Operations Chief and Company Gunny (November 2010). Upon his return, selected for Georgian Deployment Program 2011 Operations Chief in Germany and BALTOPS 2012 Operations Chief in Lithuania.
  • Reported to Naval Expeditionary Combat Command, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eighteen, where he currently serves as the Military Advisor to the Commanding Officer of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eighteen (NMCB-18) (November 2013).

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